Sets, Relations and Functions – Syllabus Overview

Syllabus for JEE Main 2020

Sets and their representation; Union, intersection and complement of sets and their algebraic properties; Power set; Relation, Types of relations, equivalence relations, functions; One-one, into and onto functions, composition of functions.

Importance of Chapter – Sets, Relations and Functions in JEE Main

The topic covered in this unit is considered important as it is the basic building for whole differential and integral calculus and also for other chapters.

This chapter directly has an expected weightage of 5% in JEE Main.

Number of questions expected in JEE Main from sets, relations and functions based on previous questions is 1 – 2 questions.

How to Prepare Sets, Relations and Functions

As this chapter is the basic of many other concepts in other chapter like differential calculus and integral calculus, you must study this chapter thoroughly. A clear understanding of concepts is essential for this chapter.

First understand the basic concepts and then go through complex concepts.

Try to solve questions related to it including multiple choice questions.

Improve your understanding and try to solve complex questions.

Practice with previous years questions from JEE Main.

Books to prepare Sets, Relations and Functions

For understanding concepts for sets, relations and functions you must go through NCERT book.

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