Class 11 Physics Physical World – Scope and Excitement of Physics

Class 11 Physics Chapter 1 – Physical World

Scope and Excitement of Physics

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The scope of physics lies in its various sub-disciplines. .

Physics can be divided mainly into three domains: macroscopic, microscopic and mesoscopic.

Macroscopic domain

This domain deals with something big. Includes phenomena at the laboratory, terrestrial and astronomical scales. Which includes objects and phenomena we can see with our eyes and which we can see with the help of a telescope.

Classical physics deals mainly with macroscopic phenomena and includes subjects like Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Optics and Thermodynamics.

Microscopic domain

This domain related to something very small in size which is of the order of atoms and nuclei or smaller than this. Thus, the microscopic domain includes atomic, molecular and nuclear phenomena.  

Mesoscopic domain

Mesoscopic means something of size in between microscopic and macroscopic. That is, it deals with a few tens or hundreds of atoms. This field is developing these days and has emerged as an exciting field of research. Example nanophysics or nanotechnology.

Excitement of Physics

Four points Physics is exciting:

  • Elegance and universality of its basic theories. Eg: Newton’s laws of gravitation
  • Carry out interesting experiments. Eg. Split light into seven colors.
  • To understand more about nature and its phenomena. Eg. How rainbow occurred?
  • Applying laws of physics in practical life. Eg. How engine works.

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